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Answer & Questions

Yes, Testerhero is a reputable platform on which you can earn money with product tests. If you follow the reviews on numerous sites, you will also see that payouts are being made and that no payout limits are set that are too high.

In addition, Testerhero belongs to a German GmbH based in Baden-Württemberg. This gives you even more security as a tester, because the GDPR means that data protection requirements are higher than ever.

In order to offer as much security as possible, Testerhero is also a member of the Society for Data Protection and Data Security. So there are no secrets. Rather, there are many barriers with which your data is protected.

How much you earn as a product tester always depends on how active you are. So you can only do 10 minutes of product tests a day, but also for hours. The higher your activity, the more products you can test, which also increases your earnings.

Product tests are currently available for around € 200. However, the range is increasing steadily and there is always a new product test. If you do a product test, you will then be credited the euros for the order. In addition, you can usually keep the new product.

Due to the different levels of payment for product tests, it is difficult to determine an exact hourly wage. On average, you can earn € 15-25 an hour by testing the products. If you include the fact that you can keep the product after testing it, that's a decent credit.

There is also the cashback program. Here you can order things on the Internet as usual and keep the products and also get money back.

Because you came to the online shop via Testerhero, Testerhero receives a commission. This will then be passed on to you. So you can not only earn by doing a product test, but also with your normal shopping behavior.

We get 2 different commissions from our partners with whom we earn our daily bread.

1. Is there a commission for every completed test in which you share your feedback with us (and the partner).
2. And another commission if you continue to use the tested product privately.

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